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Cooking Your Sass Off Holiday Style

Southern girl Page Hopkins shares treasured recipes that are long-time favorites in her family, along with heart-warming stories about why these recipes are important. There’s a picture of each dish and expert advice from Page on creating the perfect holiday dinner. Also, this guide offers valuable tips to help the holidays run smoothly and decorating advice on how to create that spectacular centerpiece. This beautiful photographed book is a complete guide for holiday entertaining and is sure to become a family favorite!


Cooking Your Sass Off Southern Style

This beautiful, full-color cookbook takes southern cooking to new heights! Page Hopkins, a southern diva, shares treasured recipes that are normally kept under lock and key. You’ll find southern favorites such as fried okra, chicken fingers, and biscuits—plus surprising twists like Reuben bites!

There’s a picture of every dish, along with family stories telling why these recipes have become treasures in Page’s family. Also, Page gives expert advice on food pairings and time saving tips. This cookbook is sure to become a family favorite!

The ebook version of Stoney Creek, Alabama  Read the teaser


Part one of The Secret Song of the Ditch Lilies—the latest new novel from bestselling authors, Youngblood and Poole.

Every lily has a song,” Mama used to say, “even the ditch lilies.  But theirs is a secret song, and you have to get quiet enough to listen. Shh …listen to the song of the lilies that’s playing against the beating of your heart. It’s been there all along.”

What if the one thing you wanted most was the one thing you could never have?

What if you’d done something so terrible that you could never go back?

The Secret Song of the Ditch Lilies is a journey into the darkest corners of the human heart and how the road to redemption can only be found when we face who we are.

It’s about a mother who can’t forgive herself and a daughter who’s trying to find the courage to be herself.

And it all comes together in a snake-handling, Alabama town where an explosive battle is raging over an incoming chemical company.

The past won’t stay buried in this intriguing tale of snake-handling, love, betrayal, and old enemies waiting to get revenge.


The Honeysuckle Inn

The next book in The Paper Rose Club series. Bobbi’s convinced that something foul is going on at The Honeysuckle Inn, and she’s determined to prove it. She takes her sleuthing skills to new levels when she sets out to find out why her friend Betsy has disappeared and why there’s someone new running the inn—a large-chested, glamor girl that’s as hard around the edges as she is beautiful. Things are not always as they seem, and Bobbi gets more than she bargains for as she delves into the secrets of The Honeysuckle Inn.

Now that Imogene’s plan to steal the bakery has been foiled, can Roxie and Gus finally find love? What evil plan is Imogene West brewing up next? Her new venture will scandalize the town!

Does Henry stand a chance with Sarah now that newcomer and devilishly handsome Mark Jenson has swept her off her feet? Are wedding bells sounding? Which one will she choose?

There’s a new man in Rose’s life, and you’ll be shocked to learn who he is!

Don’t miss the next book in the heart-warming series about the friendships that define us, and the town we want to come home to …time and time again.