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Livin’ In High Cotton

By Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Published 2004, inspired by the true life of Sandra’s Grandmother.

Cultured and feisty, Shelby Collins is the epitome of a southern lady. She tries to prove her competence by looking after her siblings while her mother is away caring for an ailing relative. Shelby’s secure world is turned upside down when her father, in a drunken rage, attacks her. Fearing others will learn of his treachery, he kidnaps her, takes her to a reform school, and abandons her. In utter despair, Shelby is sure that her life is over, but sometimes life’s blessings come in the most unexpected ways.

Set against the rich tapestry of the South during the late 1920’s and early ‘30’s, Livin’ in High Cotton is a celebration of life and traditional family values. It is a story of love, betrayal, and the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity. It is about a young girl, growing up, who realizes that life is full of second chances, and that it’s never too late to learn how to live.

Intrigued? Read a Livin’ In High Cotton excerpt here.


“A compelling story of family loyalty, love, loss, and strength, as warm and fertile as the rich red clay of a Georgia field. The inspiring, hardscrabble lives of Depression-era southerners make for a vivid story of love and forgiveness.” Deborah Smith, New York Times bestselling author of A Place To Call Home.

“It’s not often I can recommend a book without reservation. But I know I can recommend Livin’ in High Cotton without reservation to anyone, even church libraries, because not only is it fast-paced and exciting, but it’s clean and uplifting” Mary Scott Norris, librarian, Signal Mountain Public Library.

“The novel is the first work of the LDS mother-daughter team Sandra Poole and Jennifer Leigh Youngblood and vividly captures the depression-era South in not only its setting but also through its engaging characters. With a combination of heartbreak, romance, and triumph, Livin’ in High Cotton is a page-turning pleasure.” LDS Living, January/February 2005

I’m very happy to commend this book to the general reading audience. I hope to see more from this writing team, as they surely know how to craft a story. I really liked this book.” Jeff Needle, Association for Mormon Letters, Aug. 1, 2004

Stoney Creek, Alabama

By Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Published 2008, Books-A-Million Bestseller

Lots of twists and turns in this romantic thriller!
Sydney Lassiter has the perfect life—glamor, wealth, and all the high society status to go with it. But something is telling her that she needs to return to the town of Stoney Creek, Alabama, where she grew up. She hasn’t been there since her father was killed in a boating accident—or was he murdered? She takes a job as a safety consultant at the local sawmill—the same place where her father worked and sets out to discover the truth about her father’s death.

In Stoney Creek, you don’t ask the kinds of questions that Sydney is asking. There are too many secrets—secrets that someone will do anything to keep hidden. To complicate matters, she becomes torn in a confusing love quadrangle—two men, and the other woman, who seems to want both of them. And both men appear to have some connection to the death of her father.

As Sydney gets closer to the truth, she fears that it will destroy not only her, but the people and town she has come to love.

Want to learn more about Stoney Creek? Read an excerpt now.


“Poignant, suspenseful, and romantic. Beautifully written and filled with unexpected twists and turns. A sleek romantic thriller.” Deborah Smith, New York Times Bestselling Author of A Place To Call Home.

The Paper Rose Club

By Jennifer Youngblood and Sandra Poole

Published 2011, The first book in a series.

Four best friends. A lifetime of memories. Nothing could ever come between them…or so it would seem.

Welcome to the quaint town of Honeycomb, Alabama where life is anything but serene. Roxie Fisher must fight to save her bakery from the greedy clutches of her lifelong nemesis, Imogene West, while trying to finagle a way to keep Gus Malone, the love of her life, from falling for her spoiled but beautiful designer friend, Rose, who’s determined to make Gus number four in her long line of husbands. Roxie gets lots of help and unwanted advice from Bobbi, her busy-body friend and Pollie, her hypochondriac sister. Lots of cat fighting and cake slinging going on in this heartfelt story about the friendships that define our lives and the secrets that we all keep from each other.


The Paper Rose club is… “A wonderful novel about four remarkable women whose long-buried secrets rock the foundations of a small southern town. Told with wit and southern charm, I couldn’t put this one down!” Cathy Holton, author of Revenge of the Kudzu Debutantes and Beach Trip

“I was captivated by the ladies in ‘Paper Rose Club.’ I could not stop reading until I finished cover to cover. Southern Ladies, the characters in this book are us. I laughed and sighed all through the book. I actually carried it with me all day, I had to turn that next page! Sandra and Jennifer, I can’t wait for the next book. I really felt like these were the friends in my own life, Y’all have captured it!!! Way to go ladies!” Kelly Epps

“It is not often that you find a story that takes you out of your everyday life, and makes you feel transported to a place so outside yourself. This was a book that had me picking it back up almost as soon as I put it down. Never has a fictional landscape ever been painted so well with words. It was fun to read and left me guessing at the end of every chapter.” Iris Peters