About Us

At Arbor House Books, we believe that the world needs books that make us want to reach for something better, books that leave us better than we were before. Our books won’t degrade, demoralize, or offend; and yet they are exciting—books that will keep the reader turning the pages until the wee hours of the morning!

We have a skilled team of talented individuals who know what it takes to produce and market outstanding books. We’re grateful to be making the journey together.

The mother and daughter duo have three novels out so far:

Livin’ in High Cotton
Bestselling Stoney Creek, Alabama
The Paper Rose Club


their first children’s book, The Humongous Fungus, was recently released under the pen name of Periwinkle Blue.

Jennifer Youngblood Biography

Jennifer grew up in rural Alabama and loved living in a town where “everybody knows everybody.”  Her love for writing began as a young teenager when she wrote stories for her high school English teacher to critique. She feels that it’s a great privilege to be able to write with her mother, Sandra Poole. “Writing together adds a depth and spice to our work that neither of us could get independently,” she says.

Jennifer has B.A. in English and Social Sciences from Brigham Young University where she served as Miss BYU Hawaii in 1989. Before becoming an author, she worked as the owner and editor of a monthly newspaper named The Senior Times. In addition to her love for writing, Jennifer enjoys working in the home design industry. She and her husband owned an interior design gallery where she specialized in custom window treatments and floral arrangements.

She now lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family and spends her time writing, carpooling, attending basketball games, and doing all of the wonderful things that make up the life of a busy wife and mother.

Sandra Poole Biography

Sandra grew up in a small community in northeast Alabama called Alder Springs, the setting of Sandra and Jennifer’s first novel, Livin’ in High Cotton. It was there that she developed a deep love for literature in a two-classroom country school. She recalls that every afternoon the teachers would bring their classes together and read such classics as Rip Van Winkle, Moby Dick, The Headless Horsemen, and The Taming of the Shrew while all their students sat on the floor.

When she was very young, Sandra enjoyed listening to her mother and grandmother talk about the “good ol’ days” while they canned vegetables and sewed. After she became an adult, she cherished those memories so much that she began to write them down. Livin’ in High Cotton is based on some of those memories. She feels that stories about the South and southern culture are some of the “undiscovered jewels of the nation.”

Sandra has worked in the administrative field for over twenty-five years. She worked her way through college while her daughters were very young and completed a four-year degree in three years. Later, she earned a Masters in Business Administration. Her experience has ranged from being an executive secretary and human resource manager for Fortune 500 companies to being an assistant to one of the vice presidents at the university where recently retired.

For Sandra, writing is a continual journey of discovery. She has so many ideas for other books running through her mind that it’s hard to focus on one at a time.